Ain’t nothing to it, but to do it. Coaching is my first love. However, it’s time for the coach to be the client, the one up on stage…to inspire. Most of all, I was a competitor first and foremost and the experience is what I love. I love the people, I love the tan, I love the camaraderie.

SO here is my journey. A journey back to the stage once again…

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Battling Doubt

It’s easy to suffer from fear when you have been through many obstacles that embed it into your conscious. Ugh. So I am human and I am not afraid to say that I sometimes struggle with that evil self-doubt.

As the story goes. You find a career you want but there is no way to achieve it unless you go to school. But what if you can’t afford it? Then you must start from the bottom. As you struggle to make ends meet you start to feel worthless. Doubt yourself. Then you must find the heart inside to push through and accomplish it. Work. It takes time.

In life…You expose your heart to someone and hope they never hurt you (not realistic). Then they do, then you get hurt and trust gets tarnished.  You move forward, find someone else,  then it happens again. So you build up walls. Is it me? Am I good enough? Is it timing? Doubt creeps in and now the glass is half empty. Work.. a lot of work.

You have a goal and you have to put time in to make it happen. It takes work. Again, a lot of work. So you extend all of your avenues and nothing happens. No gratification. Humans need to feel worth it.

One thing that someone else can’t ever judge is your absolute effort if you are trying. So worth can start there. I do have a sharp tongue I wish I could fix but when someone questions my effort in my accomplishments I tend to get defensive because those achievements are near and dear and I hold them close to my heart. Protective of it. Once I hit my goal I am satisfied but I still hold it sacred long after the fact.l it was long gone.

These things are struggles for all humans.2014-08-14 15.16.00

One thing we all need to do, especially as perfectionists is be kinder to our own souls. We can only do so much. It isn’t always good enough and sometimes it is.

Being human.. the struggle is real.

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Competing on a Budget… in the Sport of Bodybuilding Part 1

Competing on a Budget… in the Sport of Bodybuilding

Part 1

The honest truth is that competing is an expensive hobby. Training is one thing. Training consists of the cost of a gym membership or maybe even home gym equipment, which in the big picture is the cheapest part of the whole “sport of bodybuilding.”

With that said, working out costs nearly nothing but time and energy. Next is eating. Now eating can be tricky. It can be expensive or you can eat on a budget. Eating on a budget will consist of a few staples in the diet, but all in all, you can compete and eat healthy on a very low budget. You might not be able to get that steak in or that fish in bulk, but you can get in eggs pretty low cost and also get sources of complex carbs on a smaller budget. Deli meat can be an option, but we’re trying to build quality muscle by trying to add as little preservatives as possible. Rice isn’t super expensive and it cooks up a lot once water is added. Oatmeal is less costly, and potatoes can be a savior as well for the pocket.

As for supplements, well, that can also be tricky, but I believe in dieting without supplements to get the body to build a solid foundation on. Eat clean, train hard = amazing results with little supplementation. Unless you are pro caliber at this very moment, take the time to build symmetry and give yourself a moment to grow.

Until next time…

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Rice cooked… check. Eggs cooked… check. Packed up and motivated. It’s for the health of it. I lived a super healthy lifestyle for so long that I kind of got burnt out on it. I even used to LOVE the taste of boiled chicken. My favorite food was broccoli. I ate like a champ for almost 10 years straight and rarely deviated. Then I started to snack here and there, and all the time even recently. Now I feel like I need to stick to a more nutritious lifestyle… I do enjoy chips, fries, and cookies pretty often, but I can afford the cheats (Thank God). I have been putting on some quality muscle this past year and I am very thankful that I have had an awesome trainer/ partner to work with (EDDIE) and I want to see what my body can look like now. It’s been 9 years since I competed seriously. I am not sure if I want to step on stage or just see if I can look the part. Who knows. 

~Kelly 🙂

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Life’s Little Reminders

1. Don’t try to fit in… Being an individual means being unique. No two people are alike and shouldn’t try to be.

2. Work smarter not harder… You gotta learn to sometimes make things easier by not biting more than you can chew. I know this from experience.

3. Failure creates success… You gotta crawl before you walk and you’re gonna fall before you stand tall. It’s just the way it works and there is a reason for this. Knowing what it takes to make it to the top gives success more meaning and also keeps us from making minor mistakes along the way.

4. Enjoy your own company… You gotta learn to be you and be ok with you alone with you. Look in the mirror and love thyself. No matter what. Laugh at yourself.

5. The journey is the reward, not the destination… Just like I tell my clients. The journey is the true meat and potatoes. This is what fills our soul. The destination is like the cake at the end. It’s sweet, but the meat and potatoes was soooo much better, had more consistency and health benefits. The end of the tunnel is just one chapter, the next chapter begins at another tunnel. So really, there is no final destination. Unless we are speaking on the Lord and faith. On this earth, you have chances again and again. Take the chance to do what you love. Don’t ever give up on what makes you happy. Even if there are stumbling blocks or obstacles. The best things in life never come easy. Trust me.

Kelly 🙂

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Tuesday Feels Like Monday…

Hello allergies!!! LOL

What a great weekend! Spend Friday with my Eddie and his awesome son. Then Saturday,  got up at the butt crack of dawn to get ready for the 2015 Clearwater Super Natural Bodybuilding show in Clearwater. First time competitors took the stage and before prejudging I ran the competitors through expectations of posing. Excited to be part of the event and of course always a stage mom, I was nervous for these people I had pleasure in working with at the seminar and Steve Orlando a fellow trainer and client. Prejudging was fun, and the nap between morning and night show was even more fun 😀

Eddie was honored at the night show which was a very special part of the show, not only as head judge, but also as a legend IFBB Pro Bodybuilder. He walked away with a sword… So sweet. Well deserved.

Derek and Dana Ailor put on one heck of a show!

Sunday went a little too fast and so did Monday. Rest and recovery from the weekend was very necessary. Today felt like Monday and the pollen sucked the life out of me.

The end. Congrats to the athletes 🙂 Can’t wait for the shows ahead!

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We All Shine

Treadmill typing…

Everyone of us was born with a gift.
The gifts we are blessed with are distinguished by our personalities which, in turn, give value to our contributions.

I gave myself a lot in life and was given a lot of love from family. I have been a loner at times and I have been a social butterfly. I can work alone or with a group.  In life I know independence, but I choose interdependence above it.  Independence is self awareness.

A lot of people didn’t quite have the love I received as a child. I have helped the broken, the beaten, and the weak. But I have also been able to help the strong, the confident, and the ambitious.

For me, it’s a matter of seeing people smile.  To know that because I have been through tough times,  they can relate and vice versa. When things are good, they’re solid. But when things get rocky the key is to not give up, but find the strength we build from past experiences.

Contributing to people’s goals fulfills my goals. I have found that giving is
always better than getting.

So ask yourself,  what is your gift? What can you contribute?

Happy Tuesday!

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